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At TasteBudz, we believe hand-selected strains and in-house extraction lie at the heart of a premium edible experience. We create our own single-source, solventless extracts that are true-to-the-plant and deliver the distinctive benefits of each unique strain. We encourage consumers to take note of the terpene and cannabinoid profiles of the strains they love, and use that to inform future product selection.


Since the beginning, TasteBudz has always focused on crafting an exceptional cannabis product.

We are proud to have upheld that standard throughout the life of our company. As we look to the future, we want to ensure our community is not only receiving the best product, but also the best possible experience. That experience means for yourself and the planet. Through relentless intentionality, we’ve made some changes that we believe align with the hearts of our community. Thank you for being on this journey of growth with us.​

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We care about you.
We care about the planet.

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Premium Oil

TasteBudz uses in-house extracted, strain specific, full spectrum solventless rosin to maintain the true cannabinoid profile of the original flower.


We think you deserve it.

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Premium Ingredients

Every TasteBudz gummy is made from scratch in craft batches, with thoughtfully curated ingredients, all natural flavors and colors, and high quality cannabis.

Our ingredients were sourced with you in mind.​


Sustainable Choices

Sustainability needs to be a focus for the entire cannabis community, and TasteBudz is putting our best foot forward with the elimination of plastic bottles and paper waste.


Our tins are infinitely recyclable, and we encourage creative upcycling. 

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Socially Responsible

TasteBudz is a carbon offset partner with the nationally recognized, local Colorado company Trees, Water, & People. Their mission is to improve lives by helping communities to protect, conserve, and manage their natural resources. We reduce our carbon footprint by contributing to their reforestation and sustainable cook stove efforts.


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