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Introducing the TasteBudz
Cannabinoid Suite​

The TasteBudz C-Suite line of gummies was intentionally crafted to bring you the elevated benefits of functional cannabinoids.​

Lemon Citron
Daily Rituals

Our multi-cannabinoid Daily Rituals will vitalize mind and body to get you ready for anything the day brings. Unlock your endocannabinoid system’s full potential.​

Effect: Unique | Uplifting | Synergistic​


Blueberry Lavender
Nightly Rituals

Curated to bring you peace of mind and heavy eyelids, our Blueberry Lavender gummies are the calming presence your nightly ritual is missing.

Effect: Calming | Relaxing | Tranquil​


Green Apple

Find a state of balance with our Green Apple gummies. This cannabinoid blend will soothe your mind and body by taking you on a journey back to equilibrium.​​

Effect: Balancing | Restorative | Soothing


Palisade Peach

Our Palisade Peach gummies are here to give you that little bit of get up and go to conquer the day and leave the munchies in the dust. Find the energy and focus you deserve while you turn your to-do list into a “ta-dah!” list.

Effect: Focused | Energetic | Active

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